The Government of Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan) recognizes that current gaps in education and
employment outcomes for First Nations and Métis people in Saskatchewan are unacceptable .
The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) has a specific interest in improving
outcomes for First Nations people . Saskatchewan and the FSIN share a vision of a prosperous
province where all people have access to a high quality of life on- and off- reserve . While there
is evidence of some improvement in education and employment outcomes, this improvement is
not proceeding at a satisfactory pace .

FSIN and Saskatchewan agree to work together to establish a Joint Task Force that will
undertake an engagement and review process . The Task Force will provide the FSIN and
Saskatchewan and other potential partners with a report and recommendations that can inform
long-term collaborative actions aimed at elimination of education and employment gaps .
The report and recommendations will identify:
• Evidence-based public policy, program and practical approaches that have the greatest
potential for positive impact on education and employment outcomes ;
• Policies, programs and practices that are not having the desired impact and propose changes
or elimination; and,
• Investments, costs and potential reallocation of spending .

The parties note that discussions are ongoing with Canada regarding a Memorandum
of Understanding: Priority Issues related to Education and Employment Outcomes for
Saskatchewan First Nations (MOU), and the results of this Joint Task Force may also be used to
establish future shared priorities under the MOU.